Under $100 Best Multicolor Area Rugs For 2022

Rugs are a transformation of home decoration to look versatile, attractive also add warmth, comfort to your living places and so each room tells a story. In ancient times when technology was not introduced, people used to prepare rugs by wowing weeds and grass and only used to keep the ground warmer on extreme winter days. Almost thousands of years ago, people utilized animal skin to prepare rugs. A few centuries later people invented hand-woven techniques for rug manufacturing. One of the oldest carpets was found in Siberia in 1949. It was multicolour and designed by using quality fibre to look stunning. After the industrial revolution, factories were established to produce more Rugs in the market. In the 20th century, rugs were used as a fashion and machine-made rugs replaced traditional carpets. These days area rugs are in the trend and available in multiple bright colours, shapes, textures, sizes, and designs. Therefore, carpets are made in different styles to fit comfortably in any area like the drawing-room, living room, bedroom, hallways, studio apartment, dorm room, offices, and also use to separate your spaces into two halves (Mediation and reading). These multifunctional rugs are a combination of luxury and durability. They are light weighted, moveable, and washable also catch dust and mud. Above all, these rugs give you an extra piece of comfort to your feet when you are working long hours in the kitchen and also hug you and your children’s toes in the early cold mornings of winter. We did an in-depth examination and come up with a list of under $100 best multicolor area rugs for 2022; to put the sculpture on your floors and provide you with eye-catching happy moments and cosiness.

Colourful and multi-purpose Rugs with brilliant designs and affordability

We have compiled a shortlist of the under $100 best multi-color decorative area rugs and runners in different styles and sizes such as oval, rectangle, round, square, octagonal from modern to traditional too casual for you to save your time to buy the best. Trust us and read ahead to select the best area rugs today as per your preference and matching to your space. All products are at affordable prices in different colours and sizes, so pick the one which you like. 

1. nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Area Rug

Do you want a pet-friendly rug? If yes what you waiting for, this article is incredibly durable, low maintenance, stain-resistant, non-slippery, less expensive, and lightweight. It is engineered with 100% Polypropylene fabric that is a good value for your money. Polypropylene fabric is turkey-made and survives in every situation or we can say, it is a rough and tough item. Due to its synthetic material, it is kid and pet-friendly and is perfectly designed to withstand high traffic areas, for instance, the drawing-room, living room, bedroom, and kitchen. It is also suitable for official use such as hallways, lobbies of corporate buildings, and financial institutions. Its sleek and functional 0.37 pile height ensures easy placement in areas like entryways, beneath furniture and will not block your doorways. The Moroccan-inspired rug comes in light multi-colour with oval, round, square shapes and offers a classic look, enhancing your home decor and standard style. Perfect for protecting your kids and pets from the cold floor in the winter weather. It is easy to clean and no extra maintenance is required just run a vacuum over it frequently or wash it with water by adding soap/detergent to ensure stains removal.


● 10ft x 14ft 
● 2ft x 3ft
● 2ft 6″ x 6ft
● 2ft 6″ x 10ft

2. Unique Loom Jardin Collection Area Rug

Do you want to add warmth and comfort to your space? This multi-colour machine-made area rug meets your requirement because it is pulled together with a turkey-made 100% Polypropylene material. The sturdy backing of this collection is a wow factor as it prevents your kids, pets, and guests from unwanted falls and injuries also resists stains and does not shed quickly. A symbol of sturdiness and luxury, ideal for those who want to eat on the floor while watching TV. This Jardin collection protects your precious floors from scratches. Do not worry about the maintenance, the multi-blue colour article is easy to wash and clean, shake it in the air to remove dust, also it is highly recommended to use a vacuum. In case you are using a carpet cleaner, ensure to dry it as early as possible. If you observe any creases on your rug apply the pressure and roll it in the opposite direction. Flip the creased edge and pull it back slowly while applying pressure on the crease. It comes in an abstract pattern with different sizes and is ideal for all modern and traditional homes.


● 4ft x 6ft 

3. Mohawk Home Rainbow Area Rug

Mohawk home article is available in stripe pattern; it comes in vibrant colors and enhances the home decor. The Synthetic material ensures a cozy feel and lasting durability for busy households. Its low-profile pile height gives supreme functionality for busy areas such as the living room, drawing room, bedroom, kitchen, underneath furniture, laundry room, office, and entryways. The quality-constructed nylon surface fiber with latex backing feels super soft, has stain resistance, and fade resistance. The USA-made rug offers ease of cleaning, with mild detergent and cold water. In addition, a regular vacuum keeps it clean and holds its color and stuff bold. The company also offers a 1-year manufacturing defects warranty.


● 2ft x 5ft 

4. Rugshop Vintage Distressed Bohemian Area Rug

The perfect design with a carnival of coloured motifs made in turkey with 100% Polypropylene machine-made Bohemian patterned area rug contains jute backing. The soft and plush feature offers you a comfortable feeling whenever you place your feet on it and polypropylene pile fibres ensure resilience and lifelong. The design adds a class of touch to your living place and offers a luxurious look. The synthetic fibre texture does not trap dust and debris and is also pet-friendly. This bohemian collection is great for your indoor and outdoor spaces, etc. The sturdy backing ensures it does not slip away from its place so that your children and pets enjoy every moment. They are suitable for both summer and winter seasons and protect you from cold floors. It is easy to wash and clean with a vacuum regularly, no extra maintenance is required.


● 5 x 7
● 2 x 3
● 2 x 7
● 2 x 10

5. Luxe Weavers Kingsbury Modern Area Rug

It is made with 100% premium Polypropylene and jute backing. Ideal for people who want a standard quality product at affordable rates and like the shades of grey colours. It is crafted by machine-woven Luxe Weavers artisans in Turkey and provides supreme comforts and softness. The high lustre 9×12 rugs are a sign of durability and their soft surface will offer absolute relief to your feet. Do not worry about the colour of the article, as its splatter design will remain for years even after several washes. Sturdy backing ensures children do not experience any falls while playing and the thickness absorbs the sound of dropped toys. Beautiful area rugs ensure the resilience of dust, dirt, Stain resistance–a striking centrepiece of your busy house. Decorate your place with this splendid article without compromising comfort. Abstract patterned medium pile rugs will look stunning on your hardwood floors and protect your kids from colder surfaces in winter.


● 9 x 12
● 2 x 3
● 2 x 7
● 5 x 7

6. Nourison Aloha Floral Blue/Multicolour Area Rug

Nourison furnishing in the area of rugs and home decor since 1980. This flat woven durable indoor-outdoor item is constructed with 100% Polypropylene and is pretty good for busy areas. It comes in classic and contemporary designs and you can use this floral blue product in your residential and commercial spaces, for instance, deck or patio. The beauty of this rug’s design and colour scheme makes it a great centrepiece in the offices and a touch class to your living places. The top surface of aloha collection is soft and plush, you will surely feel comfort and joy whenever place your feet on it. It can be used in both summer and winter seasons; prevent your children from the cold floors in extreme winter weather. It is easy to clean, just rinse with a hose and daily use of vacuum will make it last for long.


● 2ft 8″ x 4ft

7. Nourison Somerset Multicolour Rectangle Area Rug

This leading rectangle article is pulled together using 50% polyester, 50% acrylic and its colourful scheme makes it a decorative item in your home and office. It comes in 4 different colours flame, latte, Silver/blue, and multi-colour; matches with your furniture and ideal for every contemporary and traditional home. Nourison Somerset has a various catalogue of articles from signature handmade to lines like the prestigious Timeless collection and uses the premium quality Opulon yarns to make a pile of rugs. The luxurious texture of this magnificent item is embellished with subtle leaves and branches that flourish elegantly across it. Millbrook, granite green, and vanilla are rich colours with a gentle brightness that provide an air of understated elegance to any space. Ideal for floral decorations, you can place them under your sofa, coffee table, or against the walls. Non-slip backing ensures your kids will not experience unwanted falls and injuries. This living and bedroom rug is backed by 30 days full money-back guarantee so add this collection in add to cart list and give your home a perfect finishing touch.


● 5ft 3″ x 7ft 5″
● 7ft 9″ x 10ft 10″
● 2ft 3″ x 10ft
● 6ft 7″ x 9ft 7″

8. Nourison Aloha Multicolour Transitional Tropical Area Rug

This tropical transitional article has rectangular, runner, and round shapes and designed with Polypropylene fabric. Its bold floral design is the eye-catching and centrepiece of any space in your home or office. They are available in both machine-made and handmade forms. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor floor surfaces, including dorm, deck, outdoor entrance, patio, living room, bedroom, pool area, and drawing-room. It is lightweight and easy to clean; the durable Polypropylene does not require extra maintenance. You may quickly remove dust from your indoor-outdoor area rug by juggling it into the air and hose it with water when required or run a vacuum over it for quick cleaning.


● 2ft 8″ x 4ft 

9. Unique Loom Sofia Traditional Vintage Turquoise Area Rug

This traditional vintage turquoise collection is produced using Polypropylene material and available in versatile designs and sizes such as round, square, standard, and runner. The Machine woven power-loomed rug contains jute backing and remains robust on the floor to avoid any slipping and sliding. Available in different colours, choose your desired from turquoise, grey, blue, light, and Ivory to add warmth and cheer to your living place. It also has an easy cleaning process by shaking in the air or running a vacuum over it. If you want to use a carpet cleaner, then ensure to dry it quickly as possible. The durable manufacturing of this article ensures it will last long and resist stains. Place it in your living room, drawing room, or bedroom also for commercial places like offices, and lobbies. If you find any creases on the rug, apply the pressure on it while rolling it in opposite direction. Flip it on the Crease side and pull it back gently while putting pressure downward on the crease. Above all, it protects your precious floor surfaces from scratches and saves your cost of floor cleaning services.


● 4ft 0 x 6ft 0 (Rectangular)

10. SAFAVIEH Monaco Area Rug

This synthetic durable fibre item is a leader in the brand for the past 100 years and is constructed using 100% Polypropylene material. The machine woven western product shows absolute stain resilience, a non-shedding 0.3-inch-thick pile ensures longer services withstand the high foot traffic areas. The sturdy backing ensures kids, guests, and pets will not experience any falls or injuries. This boho-chic Tribal distressed design of this collection looks eye-catching and adds a classy touch to your space. Use in the dining room, dorm room, enter way, nursery, office, and bedroom. Cleaning this article is not a problem as you can run a vacuum over it or wash it with a mild detergent or carpet cleaner without bleach. 


● 9 x 12

Frequently Asked Question About Multicolor Area Rugs

1. Can I use area rugs in summer and winter?

Yes, you can use these superb area rugs in both seasons. These multi-colour rugs not only enhance your home decor also add warmth and super comfort. Especially, in the winter weather keep saving your children and pets from the cold floor. 

2. Can rugs damage floor surfaces?

Of course not! An area rug is manufactured with 100% Polypropylene. It does not cause any harm to your floor, however; it saves your precious flooring from scratches and keeps your surfaces nice and new. 

3. Can a rug slip from the floor?

No, it is not, the sturdy jute backing ensures the area rug remains on the surface where it is placed. Your guest and kids can easily walk over without experiencing unwanted falls and injuries. However, the top surface is soft and plush to offer your feet comfort and coziness also your baby might feel relaxed on it.

4. How to Clean the area rug? 

Cleaning area rug is not a challenging task and you can do it at home without hiring professional cleaning services. Shake it in the air to remove all the dust, and mud. Use a hose when required or you can run a vacuum over it. If you plan to use a carpet cleaner, try to dry it immediately.

5. Are rugs Machine Washable?

The rugs should be cleaned by running a vacuum or hosing with water only. You cannot wash them in a machine as the pile will shed and the rug will not last long. Try to clean by using a mild detergent with cold water without bleach. For more clarification on washing, please follow the label provided on rugs.